Month: October 2015

Episode 26: Come ‘ere, you bloomy scrumpler!

CLONK! RUSTLE! BOING! Those are the spooky sounds of our (not very) Hallowe’en episode. We play Halo 5: Guardians and learn English from Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate. Our mobile phones give us all the worst words for creating scary Silent Hill titles in Predict-O-Names. And there’s the update on Mark’s tea-drinking you’ve all been clamouring for. Plus: SPACE ARK.

Email, tweet @rotatingpodcast, turn and facebook the strange (ch-ch-changes) on our Facebook page, or carve your message into a pumpkin and wear it on your head. (Next episode’s Space Ark genre is ninja games.)

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Episode 25: The name’s Ark. Space Ark.

Hey, we didn’t leave it a month between episodes for once! We spoon Star Wars: Battlefront, Metal Gear Online and Not the Robots into our eye sockets, make Henry Mancini wish he’d never invented The Pink Panther Theme, get thoroughly confused about what rice paper is used for, and receive the Best Tweet Ever. Plus: SPACE ARK.

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Episode 24: Chibi-Robo and his hate speech

It’s that time again! 6.11pm. But also: time for a podcast episode! We process Lego Dimensions, The Beginner’s Guide, and Infamous Second Son through our eyeholes and brain tubes. Predict-o-names reveals the shocking true nature of Chibi-Robo. And Alan skewers Matthew’s NGameraversary. Plus: SPACE ARK.

Email, tweet @rotatingpodcast, press the ‘Thumbs Aloft!’ button on our Facebook page, or chew your message into the edge of a Custard Cream. (Next episode’s Space Ark genre is James Bond games.)

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