Month: December 2015

Episode 29: it’s the Christmas episode!

Crack open the Christmas tree and wrap the tinsel around the sherry — it’s the bumper Christmas 2015 episode! We bring you our gaming moments of the year in the most audio-unfriendly format imaginable. We swap Christmas presents that could just have easily have been put on a conveyor belt straight into the bin. And we bring you our rendition of that all-time Christmas classic, er… You Can’t Hurry Love by The Supremes. Plus: SPACE ARK.

Email, tweet @rotatingpodcast, leave a present for us underneath the Facebook… tree, or stuff your message inside the turkey. (Next episode’s Space Ark genre is game openings.)

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Episode 28: Greener’s World of Peril

Remove the protective film from your earholes: we’ve got an episode for you to ram down there. And it’s full of surprisingly relevant stuff just this once. We play Just Cause 3, Xenoblade Chronicles X and Star Wars Battlefront. In Predict-o-names, we find out what happens when  Nathan Drake falls on hard times. And we experiment with ‘visual podcasting’. Which doesn’t work at all. Plus: SPACE ARK.

Email, tweet @rotatingpodcast, borrow our Facebook from your local library, or tattoo your message into our shoulder blades. (Next episode’s Space Ark genre is Christmassy moments.)

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