Month: December 2014

Episode 11: Check it ouuuut – it’s the Christmas episode

Just in time for (six days after) Christmas — it’s the Christmas episode! We delight/depress each other with gaming gifts, rattle through some of our favourite games of 2014 against the clock for some reason, find some “true” Christmas facts nestled at the bottom of our stockings, and discuss your gaming memories from 25 Decembers past. Plus: SPACE ARK.

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Bonus episode: Merry outtakes

A Christmas gift to thank you for listening to our little podcast this year — a bunch of things we got wrong or didn’t think were very good. What a treat!

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Episode 10: Lettish lettish

Double figures! We create a semi-themed ‘What we’ve been playing’ without even meaning to, with Hotel Dusk, The Wolf Among Us and Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy. We use Jam With The Band to ruin Mario Kart for you forever. We predict Sean Connery’s amazing next career move. And we’ve got all the sparkly fingernail and balloon train news you’ve come to expect. Plus: SPACE ARK.

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Episode 9: Bigger than a baby, smaller than a man

This week we’re in Matthew’s flat, despite it often sounding like we’re coming to you from the central reservation of a motorway. You get Far Cry 4, Super Smash Bros for Wii U, flight simulators, a very fancy chandelier, Toni Braxton, our most inept Jam With The Band session yet, and the soothing drone of many cars and the odd bonus lorry. Plus: SPACE ARK.

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