Episode 11: Check it ouuuut – it’s the Christmas episode

Just in time for (six days after) Christmas — it’s the Christmas episode! We delight/depress each other with gaming gifts, rattle through some of our favourite games of 2014 against the clock for some reason, find some “true” Christmas facts nestled at the bottom of our stockings, and discuss your gaming memories from 25 Decembers past. Plus: SPACE ARK.

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  • ‘between sounds’ licensed under the Creative Commons 0 license
  • music by ckotty

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  1. Matthew Castle: Ultimate Festive Troll. Great stuff, gents! Got a good laugh out of the Flappy Bird annual too.

    My Christmas gaming memory: my all-new Wii refusing to play games on Christmas Eve 2006.

    Sorry, something in my eye.

  2. Been a little while since there was a new one of these… I, for one, hope there will be more. Is it just me?

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