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Episode 12: Just the way parents and grandparents like it

Surprise — we do podcast episodes in 2015 as well as 2014! There’s everything from Destiny to Danganronpa in your picks for Game of the Year (plus some games that start with other letters of the alphabet). Five game songs come out of a listener’s mouth and are instantly not-recognised by us. And Mark ends up in a weird place thanks to a famous horse and a famous frog. Plus: SPACE ARK.

Email, tweet @rotatingpodcast, interfere with our Facebook page, or pop your message on a Post-it note — an official one, not the WHSmith knock-offs that always fall off. (Next week’s Space Ark genre is: turn-based strategy.)


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  1. The Red Steel debacle, and now Timesplitters 2 in the lava? Throw that Games Media Award in the lava already.

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