The Rotating Platform is a podcast about videogames.¬†And, yes, we really did call it ‘The Rotating Platform’.

So which people are being poured into your ears? It’s these people.

Matthew Castle

Matthew CastleWhen Matthew isn’t having his teeth whitened in Photoshop – seriously, look at those things – he’s busy editing the Official Nintendo Magazine. Despite eight years of writing for NGamer, ONM, EDGE and GamesMaster, he is still best known for giving Red Steel 90%. If people knew which scores he had given in EDGE they’d be far more cross.


Mark Green

Mark GreenMark fell in love with games after playing a solar-powered handheld game called ‘Cat Hand’, about a cat and its hand. Since then he’s worked for Nintendo, launched and edited NGamer, and written for EDGE, GamesMaster, Retro Gamer and many more. He’s the one on the left.


Alan Maddrell

Alan MaddrellAlan wrote for N64, NGC and other Future magazines back when the earth was still cooling. While the other Rotating Platformers bring experience, wit and the ability to talk engagingly and intelligently about videogames, Alan brings, er, something else. When not Rotating he does web things with the government, does some acting and does a bit of writing.