Episode 6: Do you believe in life after Shadow Complex

Look what’s coming out of us this week! We have ideas on how to improve the funeral scene in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, our ears suffer irreparable damage thanks to some listener-submitted a capella game tunes, and Matthew meets M Bison. Plus: SPACE ARK.

We want your badly-sung game songs and your favourite rhythm games for Space Ark, yes we do. Email trp@therotatingplatform.com, tweet @rotatingpodcast, stick something on our Facebook page, or use lipstick to scrawl something on the mirror so we see it as we head for the shower.

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  • ‘between sounds’ licensed under the Creative Commons 0 license
  • music by ckotty

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  1. *Pauses podcast*

    I had to pause the podcast for two minutes after hearing Greener’s humming ~10 minutes in because I knew what this is except I didn’t know what it was.

    Proper chuffed that I realised what it was before resuming it.

    *Resumes podcast*

  2. Big up the reference to Ramsgate!
    (Space Ark! Space Ark! Space Ark!)

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