Bonus episode! EGX Rezzed 2016

Just a quick thirty minutes with the whole gang at early April’s EGX Rezzed games expo in London? Your wish is our command. Alan gets piped directly into the Matrix and fuses with his bird-self; Matthew ends up homeless after spending his savings on a cup of Pepsi; and Mark does his best to get a restraining order taken out on him by Adam Buxton.

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Episode 30: What kind of cough medicine does Dracula take?

Thirty episodes? Why has no-one stopped us yet? Befuddle your brain with the world’s worst ever Christmas cracker joke (yes, in February). Hear Greener’s grey matter seize up as he struggles to solve — or even adequately explain — The Witness. And shatter your mind’s worldview with perhaps the first ever better-than-awful Jam With The Band session. Plus: SPACE ARK.

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Episode 29: it’s the Christmas episode!

Crack open the Christmas tree and wrap the tinsel around the sherry — it’s the bumper Christmas 2015 episode! We bring you our gaming moments of the year in the most audio-unfriendly format imaginable. We swap Christmas presents that could just have easily have been put on a conveyor belt straight into the bin. And we bring you our rendition of that all-time Christmas classic, er… You Can’t Hurry Love by The Supremes. Plus: SPACE ARK.

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Episode 28: Greener’s World of Peril

Remove the protective film from your earholes: we’ve got an episode for you to ram down there. And it’s full of surprisingly relevant stuff just this once. We play Just Cause 3, Xenoblade Chronicles X and Star Wars Battlefront. In Predict-o-names, we find out what happens when  Nathan Drake falls on hard times. And we experiment with ‘visual podcasting’. Which doesn’t work at all. Plus: SPACE ARK.

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Episode 27: S’all part of the fun, innit?

Knock, knock. Who’s there? It’s us. It’s not a joke, and we’re playing both parts. In episode 27, we join scientists stuck on tables, settlers stumped by doors and dogs that fly helicopters in the mighty Fallout 4. We turn back time to remember the rage (and naughtiness) of Kratos in God of War III. And we make Boy George turn in his grave before he’s even dead with another traumatising Jam With The Band cover. Plus: SPACE ARK.

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Episode 26: Come ‘ere, you bloomy scrumpler!

CLONK! RUSTLE! BOING! Those are the spooky sounds of our (not very) Hallowe’en episode. We play Halo 5: Guardians and learn English from Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate. Our mobile phones give us all the worst words for creating scary Silent Hill titles in Predict-O-Names. And there’s the update on Mark’s tea-drinking you’ve all been clamouring for. Plus: SPACE ARK.

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Episode 25: The name’s Ark. Space Ark.

Hey, we didn’t leave it a month between episodes for once! We spoon Star Wars: Battlefront, Metal Gear Online and Not the Robots into our eye sockets, make Henry Mancini wish he’d never invented The Pink Panther Theme, get thoroughly confused about what rice paper is used for, and receive the Best Tweet Ever. Plus: SPACE ARK.

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Episode 24: Chibi-Robo and his hate speech

It’s that time again! 6.11pm. But also: time for a podcast episode! We process Lego Dimensions, The Beginner’s Guide, and Infamous Second Son through our eyeholes and brain tubes. Predict-o-names reveals the shocking true nature of Chibi-Robo. And Alan skewers Matthew’s NGameraversary. Plus: SPACE ARK.

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Episode 23: It put me off my evening cornflakes a bit

Celebrating 23 episodes! We demonstrate the amazing ability to all play the same game — the three of us simultaneously dodging bears and studying goat hair in the brilliant Metal Gear Solid V. J S Bach reaches an all-time career low thanks to our appalling Jam With The Band rendition of one of his greatest hits. Plus: SPACE ARK.

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Episode 22: No one ever thinks of the cat

We’ve stored our voices and we’re playing them back now — for you! We chat about Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain and the new Mirror’s Edge. Mark reports from Gamescom, the convention of howling wind, rattling trolleys and some videogames. And we realise we should have picked a far, far less difficult song for Jam With The Band. Plus: SPACE ARK.

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