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Episode 2: Thinking outside the cardboard box

(Recorded 23 September 2014)

Never let it be said that The Rotating Platform is a small-scale affair, no sir. This episode, we take in the full sweep of videogame history, from Horace Goes Skiing to Destiny (just those two games, you understand — not much of the stuff in between); we effortlessly invent GTA VI; and Mark completely misremembers the names of cities in Elite: Frontier. Plus: SPACE ARK.

We love hearing what you think! Not everything you think — that would be too intense. Just stuff about the podcast. Email us at or do the tweets at us using @rotatingpodcast.

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Episode 1: Minesweepercraft

The very first episode of The Rotating Platform! (Unless you count the secret ‘episode zero’ which we’ve now safely buried deep beneath the earth). Alan befuddles Mark with his Microsoft/Minecraft ideas, Matthew can’t wait 30 minutes before relentlessly plugging his own magazine, and legendary new game heroes are born through the power of randomly jabbing at mobile phone buttons. Plus: SPACE ARK.

Tell us what you think! We’re on the end of and @rotatingpodcast. We particularly welcome hearing about mistakes we made and lies we inadvertently told. Mark has spotted three whoppers already.


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