Episode 2: Thinking outside the cardboard box

(Recorded 23 September 2014)

Never let it be said that The Rotating Platform is a small-scale affair, no sir. This episode, we take in the full sweep of videogame history, from Horace Goes Skiing to Destiny (just those two games, you understand — not much of the stuff in between); we effortlessly invent GTA VI; and Mark completely misremembers the names of cities in Elite: Frontier. Plus: SPACE ARK.

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  1. And this is why Matthew should never be put in charge of anything. *cough* ONM *cough* NGamer *cough*

    Great stuff as always, chaps. Knowing that all three of you aren’t fans of sports games cements this as a podcast for me. May I suggest Mario Tennis for the N64 as a purer alternative (to scotch eggs)? It combines being a non-“boardy” sports game with, strangely, actually being fun.

    And I was worried that Predict-o-names would wear out its welcome after the first episode, but this one had me literally crying with laughter – although, granted, that was largely due to you all picking on Alien Dad.

  2. This episode screams “Space Ark”.

  3. Hey, this is like a, sort-of, radio show for games. I like it! It could catch on. Do you all sit quite far from the microphone?

    • The mighty Wil Overton, ladies and gentlemen! Thanks for the kind words here and on Twitter, Wil. Fancy coming on as a guest at some point?

      And, yes, we like to keep our distance from the microphone. If we sit very close, it feels uncomfortably like we’re about to start kissing.

  4. Great episode guys. I’m surprised nobody put Mario Golf forwards for inclusion on the Space Ark. Either the N64/Cube versions – I think the GBC/GBA ones were leaning towards RPG territory. Saying that, it’s unlikely Mario Golf: Advance Tour is going to be chosen as a representative for RPGs!

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