Episode 1: Minesweepercraft

The very first episode of The Rotating Platform! (Unless you count the secret ‘episode zero’ which we’ve now safely buried deep beneath the earth). Alan befuddles Mark with his Microsoft/Minecraft ideas, Matthew can’t wait 30 minutes before relentlessly plugging his own magazine, and legendary new game heroes are born through the power of randomly jabbing at mobile phone buttons. Plus: SPACE ARK.

Tell us what you think! We’re on the end of therotatingplatform@therotatingplatform.com¬†and @rotatingpodcast. We particularly welcome hearing about mistakes we made and lies we inadvertently told. Mark has spotted three whoppers already.

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  1. Great stuff, gents! As a non-Tweeter, I’m probably going to be the only person using this functionality, but that I shall do. I’ve said a lot already over in the GNamer topic on the podcast, but the basis of that is: hilarious, more Jam with the Band please, and Meteos was robbed. Robbed I say!

    Interested to hear “Podcast 0” now…

  2. Great show, guys! It’s also great to have you all in the same room.

    Props for the unapologetic butchering of The Final Countdown in Jam With the Band. Picross was robbed! But Mark has convinced me to dig my copy of ChuChu Rocket! out of the cupboard for the first time in many years.

    Looking forward to the next episode. Are we likely to expect a semi-regular schedule?


  3. Really enjoyed this episode. The predictive text game is hilarious! Metalsmith Jakarta had me crying – it actually made me think of a game based around a middle-aged NPC from a Splinter Cell game who has to outdo Sam Fisher by just blending in with the environment. Except he has to do it in the most mundane, uneventful manner – think of it as Shenmue for the steel industry. QTEs involving the shaping of a horse shoe, or the sharpening of a sword through lengthy use of motion control help you score points.
    Top stuff!

  4. Great podcast! I’ve played a fair amount of Euro Truck Simulator 2 and it’s bloody amazing!
    Oh, and the idea of carrying around Smash in your pocket still feels amazing to me. It takes me right back to my pre broken voice days when the first installment came out on the N64.

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