Episode 3: Fizzy cola bottles from a tube

This week, we give Alien: Isolation and Shadow of Mordor a right good discussing, reveal some unlikely-sounding “facts” about the man behind Minecraft, discover we like Newsnight about as much as we like Banjo-Kazooie — and throughout, we’re haunted by some kind of ominous clanking sound from the deep. Plus: SPACE ARK.

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  1. Glad Matthew enjoyed Video Game Nation. The show is great and treats viewers with respect, unlike the horrific Gamezville and even the previous version of Video Game Nation shown earlier in the year with Emily Hartridge. It’s a shame it’s tucked away on Challenge though.

  2. I really want to buy “Space Ark: the Game”.

    I’m not sure what it would be about. Completing petty minigames for tiny rewards, while the rest of humanity claw against the windows? Or running through tense space corridors from a resurrected-but-not-quite Konami employee?

    All I know is that I’d buy it.

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